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About B.P. Construction Company

With more than two decade of industry experience, B.P. Construction Company offering a wide range of services related to the construction business. Our assortment of services encompasses Construction of Research & Development Center, Construction of Structural & Road Work, Construction of Industrial Plants, Construction of Office & Factory Building, Construction of Laboratory Housing Project Construction Services, and Residential Project Construction Services.

We also provide services related to civil works like earth excavation and filling, Piling and Heavy Foundations.

Moreover, we can proficiently comprehend the requirements of our clients and offer personalized services in tandem with their requirements.


As we know today Construction industry is the second largest sector, after agriculture. Today's Construction is a difficult & complete Process, a Changing economy undulating interest rates, Environment and political restraints, Soaring energy costs, and constantly changing Construction materials and methods all effect a project's success. Our reputation of dependability is evidenced by the clients who have elected us to use for Construction & that is on time, with quality and within budget.


As a well established and successful construction firm, we, B. P. Construction Company, possess a strong rooted conviction behind our bunch of creative spirit.

On a path of continual progress since inception, B. P. Construction Company has built a concrete foundation of excellence, trust and complete transparency. A pioneer when it comes to fulfilling promises and giving possession on time, we have won the trust and adoration of numerous clients over the country. Inspired by the poetry of structure, we have delivered quality and value to our clients, a hazard-free lifestyle.


Our experienced team of motivated and highly qualified construction specialists, Site Engineer's, Project Managers, who have experience of working with the companies of repute, work diligently behind the scenes at the implementation level to deliver project on time, while maintaining the highest level of Quality.


Our Project Management and Portfolio.


Project management ties together all activities on a project. A project may be well conceived and adequately financed; the contracts may be carefully drawn up, the contractors and workers highly experienced. But if all aspects of the project are not expertly integrated and managed, it may overrun the budget, fail to meet the schedule, or fall short in technical quality.

We know how to manage all aspects of even the most complex project, from engineering to procurement to construction and completion. We also are experts at resolving conflicts and identifying issues before they become problems. Our teams focus on the overall picture, establishing priorities and coordinating activities and participants to ensure quality projects that are delivered safely, on time, and within budget.

B.P. Construction Company is continuously looking for new opportunities, joint venture tie ups, and capital funds with reputed national/international organizations to expand its corporate commercial segment.

Project Management is part of our core service and is a result of our understanding of our client's needs. A comprehensive understanding of our client’s business and objectives translates into successful project management. We provide solutions to achieve their objectives, while also adding value and completing projects within budget.

Our teams look beyond conventional PMC services by adding value at every step of the project and thereby enabling us to move ahead of our competition. Our value-ads are proposed as an advantage to both the developers and the future occupants of a project. The rich experience we have gained from successful projects that we have executed, constantly helps us to overcome complex issues in a project life-cycle.

The entire Project Management is sectioned into the following components, to optimize process performance.

• Project Integration

  • Project Plan Development, Execution and Control

• Scope Management

  • Scope Planning, Verification and Control

• Time Management

  • Schedule Development
  • Schedule Control

• Cost Management

  • Resource Planning
  • Cost Budgeting
  • Cost Control

• Procurement Management

  • Procurement Planning
  • Vendor Solicitation
  • Contract Administration and Close-Out

• Quality Management

  • Quality Planning
  • Quality Assurance
  • Quality Control

We understand that honesty and integrity are key to delivering successful projects within budget and on-time. We create a transparent relationship with our clients and are committed to ensuring client confidence in all investment decisions in a project.

We are constantly reinventing methodologies to save cost, increase quality and maintain timelines for a project. For us it is all about doing it right first time, and at the best cost. Previews of some of the services we provide in Cost Engineering are as follows:

• Inception

  • Project Feasibility Study
  • Life Cycle Costing and Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Project Risk Assessment

• Pre Construction

  • Value Engineering
  • Tenders and Contract Documentation
  • Budget and Detailed Cost Estimates
  • Solicitation Strategies

• Construction

  • Progress Assessment
  • Bill Certification / Reconciliation
  • Change / Variation Management
  • Dispute / Claims Management
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